Who are we?

Antiz Technologies is a Software & Technology Company that provides Gamified & Immersive Apps that Digitize Training and Operations Support at Enterprises.

Antiz creates interactive computer based Gamified & Immersive experiences for Learning and Operational Support. These apps use 3D graphics, Virtual environments, e-content, Quick-quiz, Gamified Scenarios, Serious Games and Assessments. Learners actively engage through a storyline to Learn and to perform.

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Industry Domains

Antiz delivers Learning systems that are specific to certain Industry segments. These are operationally and technically relevant to their Industry requirements. Antiz collaborates with the domain specialists from the Enterprise and other SMEs to identify and create learning systems.

Our works

Smart Factory Digitization

Industry Safety

Skill Development


Field Services Support

Technical Explainer Videos

Virtual Reality

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Our Team

Includes programmers, digital artists, instructional designers and motivated domain partners, transforming original & innovative concepts to real apps and products. We then assist in implementing the apps to derive stated benefits and more. All these involve heavy duty programming, custom art, domain knowledge, cutting edge technologies and lots of commitment. Key People include:

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