Maintenance Repair and Overhaul | MRO | MRO India | MRO USA
Maintenance Repair and Overhaul | MRO | MRO India | MRO USA
Gamified Immersive Learning
Gamification, Learning, Immersive Experiences, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, VR, AR
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Gamified & Immersive Training System for Aviation MRO Operational Excellence This is an Activity based Gamified & Immersive Training system for the Aviation click here Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations, providing a ‘near reality’ 3D virtual experience to learners, preparing them for actual operations.


It has the MRO facility as the setting, with related equipment and role based avatars. Learners are enabled to progress along ‘Learning paths.


The course is structured into multiple levels, each with learning content, equipment simulation games and assessments. Courses could be on Facility induction, Inspection procedures, maintenance tasks, Quality Assurance and HSE.


There are various models for hosting, with access from anywhere through the PC, tablet or VR headset. Learner progress is tracked by using the Admin features from a central location.


buying Methocarbamol online Benefits:

  • Virtual training in a safe environment to experiment and learn
  • Standard and exception situations can be simulated at ease
  • Provides motivation to master the operations in less time and to progress to higher levels of skills